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Happy Holidays everyone! I know, I know, I haven't been around a lot recently. And when I am I'm playing Madden, what the hell's up with that? Well to put it simply, last week and this up coming one has probably been the two hardest of my life. Work is a nightmare. The Holidays aren't helping the case. So when I do have a few moments to spare I've recently wanted to play a game where I don't have to concentrate so hard, haha. But to let you all know January 2nd, I will be holding wKn's second clan meeting. Hopefully everyone will show up. This time I am going to be hosting the meeting within Playstation home in wKn's club, thanks to Ben_KILLA_415. So if your not sure how to join the club or get on Playstation Home, please contact either myself, at DemonReach. VitaRelic, or Ben_KILLA_415. Thanks everyone! Hope to game with you soon!





Hey everyone, thanks to Ben_KILLA_415 we now have a wKn Club on "Playstation Home" you should already have an invite to join the club if you go under your PDA on Home. If not contact either myself or Ben_KILLA_415 for assistance. Also I apologize for not being on recently. I got Terminator Salvation and Madden 10, so I'm playing those for a bit. But not to worry I WILL be back on Modern Warfare 2 shortly. Also, if you know ANYONE that may be interested in Joining wKn, let them join! Just tell them to send me a Friend Request telling me so. And last but NOT least, tomorrow marks the END of the wKn Logo competition. So if you havn't made one, DO IT! haha. See you soon.




Hey everyone, sorry I have not been on much recently, work kills. Just to fill you all in and let you know, I'll post my work schedule down here. Anytime I'm Not working I am usually on, unless I am spending time with my girlfriend. So I hope to see you all soon!

Monday; 4pm-7pm. Tuesday; 4pm-8pm. Wednesday; Off.

Thursday; 4pm-8:30pm. Friday; 4pm-7pm. Saturday; usually 4pm-Midnight, sometimes 11am-8pm.

That us Usually my schedule, but it does change from time to time, for instance this coming week I have both Tuesday and Wednesday off. So I hope to see you all between those time frames. Now just to let you all know I will start working a lot less After the Holidays. =) See you all soon.





Hey everyone, just in case you all are wondering, the reason I havn't been on recently is that my brother's daughter was born yesterday on the 7th. He is in our clan, his PSN is xXScaRX. So send him some congratulatory messages! But yeah thats the reason why I havn't been on recently, I hope you all understand, and I shall be back online soon! (Possibly later tonight or tomorrow)




Hey everyone, the wKn meeting turned out fairly well last night, but only about half of the clan showed up. Some of you told that you couldn't make it  but there were a few that didn't mention a thing.So to recap on what took place last night, wKn has decided to create a new team. A team that is for players who arn't as good as they wish to be. It is equivalent to that of a JV team verses a Varsity team. The team is still currently under maintenance and is nameless. It should be fully up and running sometime shortly after Christmas, so if your interested in joining the squad, please let me know.

Also, about the wKn logo competition. A lot of you asked for some examples or ideas, I don't want to give you any, hah, as odd as that may sound. I want to see how creative you all are. But I will give you guidlines. Use ONLY the letters "wKn" No background images or pictures. This is a Logo. Take in example of McDonalds. What is their logo? The Golden Arch. That "m" Thing. Same goes for the band Breaking Benjamin, they just use two 4 B's to make a weird emblem. So be creative guys, the contest ends on December 16th. You all have plenty of time before then, so get to work =)

Last but not least, I think almost everyone decided that Friday nights are best to have any sort of event. So weekly, every Friday night around 8-9pm EST, I will be on and invite every online wKn member so we can play some Ground War, or even just Private games.  So try and be on Every Friday night.





Starting at 9:00pm EST! Be there!




REMINDER!  The first official wKn clan meeting is tomorrow Night!! It opens at 9:00 ESTpm and ends at 11:00pm EST! Everyone that is available Must attend! All wKn* is required to partake. (MESSAGE ME IF YOU CAN NOT JOIN FOR SOME REASON, I WILL INVITE YOU!)

Also the turn out for a wKn logo is rather slim, come on guys pick it up! The contest ends December 16th! Make a logo and send it to demonreach@ymail.com




wKn NEEDS A LOGO! Thats right, and I want you ALL to participate! Create a new badass logo for the clan using it's initials "wKn" how ever you like. Set them on fire, swirl them around, make them bubbles! Whatever you think will do the job! If your logo is chosen, it will be used all over the website! And of course credit will be given! So everyone make a wKn Logo and send it to demonreach@ymail.com I can't wait to see the entrees! 

Is wKn not challenging enough? Do you wish you could participate in clan battles and other events? Then look no farther with wKn's new team wKn Elite. Also known as, wKn* 

Head on over to the new page entitled "wKn Elite" for details.




Hey everyone, just to let you know the reason I haven't really been on much lately is because work is tough right now around the holidays. But I'm trying to get on at least for an hour every night. Also this coming Sunday which is the 5th of December, I am trying to organize a clan battle or at least a hour or two session of clan training, where everyone gets in a private room and we play Deathmatch, CTF, Search & Destroy and other game variants. This is pretty much mandatory if you are free Sunday night. It should be fun as well. If you Can't make it, please let me know as far in advance as possible. The room will be open starting at 9:00pm Eastern. (Or whatever Tennessee is heh) and will be over at around 10:30pm-11:00pm. Again please let me know if you can Not participate in the event.





Hey everyone, due to the increasingly popularity of wKn I can no longer keep up with personally adding each and everyone of you. As much as I would like to do so, I can't find hours of free time to add you all. But not to worry! I still welcome you all! If you wish to join the clan simply message me via PSN and tell me that you in fact have joined. Add me and its that simple. To put it in perspective, over the past 48hrs, I've had over 30 requests to join. This is absolutly awesome! wKn is becoming a big community. Everyone invite everyone! Make sure you sign up to the website to help me keep it going! And make sure to message me! I can not WAIT to play with you all!!

Also The ranks have been removed, everyone that wishes to join simply put (wKn) as your clan tag. We're all equals!





Hello everyone one, it's been a few days since an update, I've been working a lot lately and haven't really had much time to get on and update. But I would like to welcome VitalRelic to the clan, everyone feel free to add him as he is moving up through the ranks quickly and could possibly become a wKn* soon. 

Also, I have purchased a capture card so I can film game footage directly onto it. This could potentially lead to Machinima, Montages, and even advertisments. So thats something to think about. If you have any idea's in the filming area please feel free to contact me!

That's pretty much it for this update. Also instead of having this "text" here to tell updates I may start doing actual videos. I want wKn to become more than just a mere clan, but a crew, a cast, and a legacy in gaming history!




wKn is off to a roaring start. We've got two new members today I'd like everyone to greet.



Also just a heads up, I'm working on playfire right now to try and schedule a clan battle for this coming weekend. If any of you are busy and can not participate, please let me know ASAP. Thanks and I hope you all enjoy your experience with wKn.



Welcome to the wKn website! This is for the clan wKn on Modern Warfare 2, and Uncharted 2. I hope you all enjoy the website and be sure to check back often as I will be updating it very frequently.